Sunday, March 9, 2008

Transportation: Option 1

Now that I have people officially signing on to the project, the question of transportation presents itself. So far J-Man is the only fully committed party, which means we need at least two travel slots. I have what I think is a strong possibility.

Picture it J. The two of us on the open road, the warm summer breeze against our faces, two individuals secure in their manhood, championing the plight of the independent bookseller.


St said...

That picture is perfect. We could just get a tandem bicycle.

Couple things: does this mean Ari's not going? And also, I am definitely in for part of the trip, and possibly the whole thing, but I'm not 100% on doing 100% of the trip. I am 100% on doing at least a significant part.

Also: I get the part about me and you traveling together across the country. But who are the two people secure in their manhood?

Ric said...


Ari plans to go, I think, if he is back from South America. (He's in Lima right now.) But I think he recognizes that something could happen between now and then.

Erin Kilian said...

When I choose to join in, I will take the sidecar and "St" can get on the back of the Crickorcycle.

Meanwhile, Ari will be on some beautiful beach in South America, trying to forget that any of us exist.

On a side note, who will pay my bills during this excursion? Can we come up with some sort of Partridge Family-esque routine for busking?