Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Independent Profile: Yuma Cabana

This independent, family-run motel sits proudly on Fourth Avenue in Yuma, Arizona. It’s the best deal in the area by far, with clean rooms, friendly staff, and solid internet access. The pool is actually something like sparkling. Prices run higher during the season, but in the late spring and summer months a single room costs 44.95.

I have a weakness for 1950s motor lodges, due in part to my year spent living and working in one. More on that later.

This particular place also reminds me of last August, of embarking on a new chapter: a new job, that unsettled feeling, a hotel room and a rental car, attending an orientation where every face you meet is new and and mysterious. And there's you playing that one version of yourself--polite and professional, guarded.

It was hot then, approaching 120 degrees in the late afternoon.

Tonight it is cool. It's pleasant and lovely, and I’m overwhelmed by all that I should be doing.

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