Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Mini-Documentary...on ME!

I'm not sure if, by posting this, I am massaging my ego or opening myself up for ridicule. I'm not even sure that these two possibilities are mutually exclusive.
This brief sketch, put together by honorary Road Dog A.O., offers a glimpse of my life as overnight desk clerk at the Flamingo Hotel. See the related essay here.


Ace said...

This is really, really good -- as I always knew it would be. It's compelling, curious, and a perfect portrait of the J. Crick that I know. A.O. is one talented bastard. Now...where's the rest (particularly the parts with me!)?

mcbulldawg said...

Masterful. Simply masterful.

You and my hubby could be brothers... seriously.

I love the confession at the beginning.

Rock on, Ric.