Thursday, July 17, 2008

Transportation: Option 5--See The Potential


I realize that the dream of the single, sustained book tour/road trip has been revised and postponed, but on my walk from the mechanic to my office today I spied this bargain.

You must view it the way you might a first draft of a short story, not in its current state but in its potential for greatness. And we could also make its restoration a group project. Have you guys ever seen Grease? Imagine us in our own auto-restorage montage, wearing jump suits, having paint and grease fights, wrenching along to the music as the van is transformed before our eyes. Forget that few of us have any automobile knowledge whatsoever. I know Nick J and J-man have a few skills. Nick C--former mechanic and tugboat crewman--what do you say? We need you!

Most importantly, we need to come up with a good name. Grease Lit-ning? Omnibus? Groo-Van? I'm open to suggestions.

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