Saturday, June 21, 2008

Indie Profile: The Hill Top Motel, Kingman AZ

The Hill Top doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not. It does indeed rest on a hill top, right on the side of the historic Route 66. It offers a view below of basically nothing, a razed and languished desert floor.

This single-storied 50s motor lodge has been independently owned and operated, by the same family, for over twenty years.

The owner/operator is polite enough, in his own distant, understated way. His giant, intimidating dogs, however, require some getting used to. These dogs (great Danes, I want to say) are liable to come charging out from his residence, but up close they are actually quite friendly and lovable. One wonders, however, if a single command from their master might put an individual in immediate peril.

The rooms are clean and come with microwave and refrigerator. Televisions provide clear cable with several movie channels. They sometimes allow pets, but they don’t designate pet rooms, which is a potential problem for people like me with allergies. But I had no problems.
They advertise free internet, but I wasn't able to get consistent access. That may have been me though.
They have a nice cactus garden around their sign, if that matters at all.

The hotel is in walking distance of a saloon-type bar and restaurant, but it closes at ten, (at least on summer weeknights.)

For forty-four dollars a night, this is a pretty good deal. I have nothing to complain about here.


Ace said...

I see a coffee table book of these in your future...oh wait, you've been beaten to it:

Sad that I'm not on the road dog list any more. There's still an invite if you want to do a reading in Boston.

Ric said...

Well, if you weren't dog-sitting you could go to Seattle. Dog sitting? Really? I mean, how bourgeois can you get; that's worse than toilet paper.

Ace said...

I'm not fighting it any more. I'm just going to own up to being the most bourgeois person you know.

Otto P. Schleppleton said...

When will readers hear Ace's new report from life in the corporate cubicle?

The hope of seeing more of her incisive wit is the only reason I ever check this pretentious blog.

Ace said...

I appreciate your fandom "Otto," but I will be vacating the cubicle in a matter of days...Maybe I'll send along a retrospective on the experience once I have some distance from it :)

Otto P. Schleppleton said...

I would like to apologize to Ric's mother, whom I think I may have offended with my last comment. I was in a foul humour that day. I had eaten several bran muffins for breakfast that morning, along with three cups of coffee. I collected my morning paper and adjourned to the bathroom down the hall, only to be shut out by the wretched woman from 4C, who takes interminably long showers.

I returned to my apartment frustrated and wrote the unfortunate comment in haste. In fact, I remain a loyal reader of this blog, and find it a foremost resource for the independent-minded.

Best wishes,