Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Real Cactus Motor Lodge

This shows us at our best. The Flamingo Hotel: Tucson, AZ. We had our merits. Independently owned and operated. The old website is down. The last I heard, it was to become a Howard Johnson's.


Empire said...

My interpretation of "The Real Cactus Motor Lodge":

Ric said, "HOJO is what HOJO does."

Justin said, "Yeah, they've got the best animal crackers."

Ric said, "Cracker?"

(Authorial Aside: That micro-essay was Tucson-hot. It reminded me of that Susan Vega song, "99.9 farenheit degrees." Only your essay was hotter.)

Justin said, "Yeah, cracker, like that stupid indie rock band."

Ric said, "Mouse on Mars?"

"No, the one where the guy used to sing for Camper van Beethoven."

"I don't know. All I know is that I'm hot. It must be 100 degrees in here."

"Not quite. It's just a shade under, I think."

"I could use a beer."

"I could drink a few too."

Ric said...

Empire, you are just too speculative for me.