Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book News

My cover can now be seen on Booksense and other online venues. I'm happy with the image. It's of a faded family portrait, which I think goes well with the subject matter.
Check it out here:

Amazon has it listed with a deep discount. I would love to get a few independent stores to match the price, at least during the tour.

My editor tells me that the files will go to the printer in a few days. Somebody pinch me! Not that I have a hard time believing any of this. I just really like to be pinched. I'm into it; sue me.


Carolyn said...

Hello Ric!


This is me pinching you. ;)

St said...

I'm not just saying this: I really like that cover.

It's pretty awesome that your book is on Amazon. I know this probably isn't quite as momentous as the moment you hold a copy in your hands, but still. I'm glad you're taking a moment to appreciate it.