Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Junot Diaz wins a Pulitzer

Congratulations to Junot Diaz, who wins a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction for his first novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Here's a brief but interesting interview on PBS.


Empire said...
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Empire said...

William Gass has an essay about how the Pulitzer Prize almost always goes to the wrong person. That Diaz won helps to substantiate his claim. Diaz is middling at best.

Ric said...

I agree. A year from now I will discuss how I was robbed.

I have a higher opinion of Diaz. This book was not what I was hoping for in some respects, but I think it does have its merits.

Empire said...

Sure, it's got merits. But it's nowhere near the best book of the year.

Btw, why in the hell don't they give out a Pulitzer for best literary anthology?

Ric said...

Indeed, we should petition for that catagory.

I didn't read any newly published books this year. What books would you place above Junot's?

L said...

Here's a comment from a non-lit person about this book. I read it, thought it was good, interesting, different, but I didn't expect it to be a Pulitzer winner (not that I know what a Pulitzer worthy book is when I read one). However, after hearing the Terry Gross interview with Diaz about this book, I am more impressed with the book and what he set about to do by writing it. I kind of hate when that happens b/c I feel like a moron that I couldn't figure out certain things about a book/movie until I hear discussions about it afterwards. But I guess I can cut myself some slack since my education is not in lit. or writing. Still makes me wish I knew more. But then, Crick, you thought worms did not have a-holes or mouths. Don't feel bad, it's not in your educational background. And it was a writer that led you to believe, that worms didn't have anuses. : ) As a kid of immigrants and having dealt with language(s) that were smashed together and thrown around, Diaz did something great with this novel. Anyways, listen to the Terry Gross interview if you can. And, Rico, next year will be your Pulitzer year.