Thursday, April 10, 2008

I live with a stigma, '

Well, I figured out why I've been squinting to read lately. Today, I had my first eye exam since elementary school. Afterwards, a young pretty woman took me to a wall of potential frames for my new eyeware. She asked me what I had in mind. I thought for a moment. "Do you know Allen Ginsberg?" I said. "The poet?" She looked at me very seriously, shaking her head slowly in regret.


Ari said...

I vote you go with wraparound gucci sunglasses, which you can don during readings and in dimly lit bars and the like, only adding to your mystique.

i am still planning to cover your book tour in july, though i need to win some loot so i can afford to buy a new fancy camera.

also, holmes, check out my new blog

hope all is well,


Ric said...

Hey holmes! Great to hear from you. I actually discovered your blog yesterday. It sounds like things are going well. Most importantly, you're doing good work for people. Kudos, my friend.

-=Ghost=- said...

Hey Ric!

You with glasses? *grin* Go with the nerdy black frames.


Ric said...

Yes, exactly.